Zinc Yellow A307 Grade A Hex Bolts

Grade A, A307 hexbolts are externally threaded fasteners made of carbon steel. Hex bolts with hot dip galvanized processing, provide additional protection against corrosion.
Our parts are high-quality, at low prices, shipped from stock. We also hex cap screws,nuts, and washers. The bolt length of class A is longer than that of class B,Class A and Class B are refined bolts with smooth surface, accurate size and high quality requirements for hole forming
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Zinc Yellow A307 Grade A Hex Bolts

1/4"-201/4"1 3/4"ZINC-YELLOWCOARSE
1/4"-201/4"2 1/4"ZINC-YELLOWCOARSE
1/4"-201/4"2 1/2"ZINC-YELLOWCOARSE

outer hex bolt

The yellow zinc plating of the fastener refers to the colour of the chromate that is applied once the zinc has been deposited on the fixing or fastener. This chromate prevents the zinc from corroding as well as increasing overall protection.

Grade 8 yellow zinc fasteners,nuts,washers,bolts & screws.These fasteners are heat treated to harden the metal. Grade 5 zinc fasteners are partially treated, whereas our stock of grade 8 yellow zinc fasteners are thru heated to maximize its hardness.

◆Hot-dipped galvanized

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