Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Wisine brand product Flat washers protect surfaces by evenly distributing torque when a bolt or screw is tightened. They prevent corrosion between a steel screw and an aluminum surface.
A nylon washer can be placed under a machine screw to reduce noise and abrasion and offer electrical insulation. Sealing washers are used for plumbing and hydraulic projects.
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Stainless steel washers

1、Stainless steel washers are applied in fastener assemblies to distribute pressure from a bolt's head across a wider surface area. As you tighten a bolt, more pressure is placed against the washer instead of the installation material. Washers can help to prevent pull-through and damage to soft materials.

2、Stainless steel washers can also act as a flush surface for a bolt head or nut to tighten against. While not their intended function, they can be used as spacers to shorten bolt lengths. They come in many varieties that have different functions. One example is a lock washer. A stainless steel lock washer holds a fastener assembly in place to prevent accidental loosening due to vibrations or other external forces.

3、Stainless Steel Flat Washers General-purpose flat washers are positioned under the head of a bolt or nut to provide an extra layer to protect the workpiece while distributing the fastener load over a wider area.

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