Stainless Steel Wing Screws

Stainless Steel Wing Screws

Size: #6 up to 3/8"
Material: Commercial quality carbon steel. stainless steel A2 and A4
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Product Details

Name:wing-shaped head screws

Description:A screw having a wing-shaped head designed for manual turning without a driver or wrench. The type-D styles are manaufactured in two pieces

Applications or Advantages:For use in applications where the fastener is frequently adjusted and where tightening torque greater than that achieved with finger pressure is not required. Greater torque can be applied manually turning a wing screw than a thumb screw because of the wider head.

Size: #6 up to 3/8"

Material: Commercial quality carbon steel. stainless steel A2 and A4

Brand Name:

Wing Screws (DIN 316 AF)


Stainless steel

Surface treatment: Plain



Wide variety of lengths


#4(2.8) up to 1/2"

Supply Ability:

100 tons


Structural Steel; Metal Buliding;  Oil and Gas;
Tower and Pole;  
Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile: Home Decorating

Product type:

Wing Screws

Type Stainless:

304 or 316

Minimum Ordering Quantity:

5000 pcs



Delivery Date Quantity:

5000 pcs

Estimated time:

3 days 


Wing Screws

Item specifics

Length: 7.000

Width: 5.000

Material: Malleable Iron

Class: UNC-2A

NumberOfItems: 1

System of Measurement: Inch

Head Dia.: 5/8"

Head Height: 7/8"

Shoulder Dia.: 5/8"

Package Quantity: 25

Shoulder Length: 7/8"

Head Material: Malleable 32510

Thread Size: 5/16-18

Tip Material: Malleable Iron/stainless steel

Head Type: Wing

Tip Type: Oval

Head Width: 1-3/8"

Head Thickness: 5/8"

Tensile Strength: 50,000

Rockwell Hardness: HB 156

Weight: 2.04


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