Flange Screws

Wisine Company The Flange bolt or screw is identifiable by the ridge of the bolt head. The bolt’s circular flange under the head that acts like a washer to distribute the load and is designed to provide the same holding power as a washer. Browse our selection of hex head serrated flange screws, indented hex flange screws, and non-serrated hex flange screws. Order online for your next industrial or commercial project or request a quote. Don't forget you can always contact us at 866-463-2910. Shop Online Below!
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Product Details

Brand Name

Sell Drilling Flanged Hexagon Tek Bolts 

(DIN 7504K)

FinishSelf Colour
Manufacturing StandardDIN 7504K
MaterialA2 Stainless Steel
Head Length(H)5.45 mm
Hexagon Width A/F  (F)8 mm
Tip Diameter4.8 mm
Overall Length (E)32 mm
Thread Pitch1.7 mm
Thread Size (T)No.12 (5.5mm)
Washer Diameter (d)11 mm
ApplicationStructural Steel ; Metal Building; Oil&Gas; Tower&Pole; Wind Energy; Mechanical Machine; Automobile : Home Decorating


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