Allen Head Screws Bolt

Wisine brand Fasteners & Metal has the capability to manufacture bolts & Nuts,special screws and special profile customized for your company.Special tooling can be created to produce nonstandard dimensions or with your company’s name and/or logo.Socket Head Cap Screws, which are also known as Allen head screws are stock items at Lightning Bolt in many materials sizes. These screws come with a hexagonal cross-section socket in the head and require an Allen wrench or hex key to drive them into material and secure them into a structure.
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Product Details


1.Standard: DIN912, ASME B18.3, ISO 4762
2.Grade:B8, B8M
3.Material:Stainless Steel 304 316
6.Mark:According to customer's requirement
7.Quality:Top high quality

Product Features: 



1 . Perfect corrosion resistance.Black hex socket cap screws are plated dacromet with RoHS complaint .


2 . Not easy to be broken


3. Standard dimension and strict tolerances ,


4 . Easy operation 


5 . Free burrs or scratch .

Tips for application

1 .Operated by a hex wrench 


2 . Pre-drilled hole before installation ..


3 . Far from acid and chemical conditions .


4 . Do not strike cap screws machine into material .

Product Application

Black dacromet socket cap screws are used to various fileds with high corrosion resistnace requested .


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