Flange Nut Hex Lock Nuts

Flange nuts have a washer-like base to distribute pressure over a greater surface area and ensure the fastener stay tight. They are commonly used in manufacturing assembly lines where operations are speeded by using a single fastener instead of a nut and washer.
Flange Nut serves to distribute the pressure of the Nut over the part being secured, reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an uneven fastening surface. Flange Nut the serrations they cannot be used with a washer or on surfaces that cannot be scratched.
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Product Details

Type: Hex flange nut

Material: Stainless steel, Steel

Thread size: 3/8''

Type: Hex flange nuts

Standard: ASME B18.2.2,DIN439B

Grade: 18-8,304,316,201,A2,A4 ,Class 4

stainless steel flange nut

Thread sizeM6M8M10M12M14M16M18M20
Head Widths1013171922242730


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