Stainless Steel Hex Thin Nut

Thin hexagon nuts are commonly used in building frames or to form bolted connections.Also known as jam nuts,these are about half the height of standard hex nut.use them in low-clearance application or jam one against another nut to hold it in place.
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Product Details

Nut Type: Hex thin nut

Size: M4-M24

Applications: Retail Industry, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Automotive Industry

Finish: Chrome plated, Plain, Plain,Zinc Plated

Material: Alloy Steel,Brass,Stainless Steel,Steel,Free Cutting Steel

stainless steel thin nuthex head thin nut
Wisine brand Hex thin nut made of 304 stainless steel material which have good corrosion resistance.Thin Nut perfect for electrical connections on household and commercial appliances, automotive and marine uses in which the power source has a threaded/bolt-type connectionHex thin nut highly compatible with screws, nuts and bolts of same sizes and feature solid bearing surface to prevent nut/bolt head from tearing through material.The stainless steel nut corrosion resistance, rust resistance.


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