Stainless Steel Acorn Polished Cap Nut

Cap nut can be use to cover exposed bolt threads,commonly used with machinery, plumbing, electrical, and furniture. we provides a clean finished look of cap nut.
Cap nut is just like a hex nut but with an enclosed dome,and offers protection to the threads and has a decorative appearance.
Domed cap nut has different types of acorn cap nuts,domed cap nut designed to stand off the material to allow easy weld penetration,domed cap nut widely used to industrial machine.
Application:domed cap nut great replacement for industrial and construction fasteners,domed cap nut also can be a important accessories in your daily life.
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Product Details

Product name: 304 Stainless Steel Acorn Polished Hex Cap Nut

Surface treatment: Zinc plated,Black oxide,Plain

Measurement system: Inch,Metric

Applications: Heavy industry, General Industry, Automotive Industry, Industry

Material: Alloy Steel,Brass,Stainless Steel,Steel

Thread size: 1/4''

Type: Hex domed cap nut

Support customization:

  • LOGO customizatio

  • Outer packing customization

  • Pattern customization


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