Structural Bolts

Wisine Company Structural bolts are a specialized, heavy type of hex bolt intended for use in large structures, such as buildings and bridges. This bolt is designed to withstand loads of steel-to-steel structural connections and contains a flat, washer-faced bearing surface and a chamfered thread point. For your next industrial or commercial project, order structural bolts online or request a quote!
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Product Details

Structural Bolt1

Brand NameWisine Structural Bolts

Medium Carbon Steel

Grade A325 TYPE 1

ASTM A490 BOLTS, Types  1 & 3 

Surface treatmentHot Dip Galvanized
Product typeHeavy Hex Structural Bolt
Type Stainless

Made up of  ASTM grade

Materials(Alloy Steels,  Stainless Steels, Super 

Duplex, Grade 660, etc).


Structural bolts are used in construction projects, such as buildings and bridges,They are

commonly used in outdoor and marine 

applications Structural Bolts are designed for 

steel to steel structural connections and have a 

larger head size than regular Hex Bolts. A325 

Structural Bolts are used in applications when a 

strong structural connection is needed. They are Comparable in strength to Grade 5 Hex Bolts.

Use with 2H Heavy Hex Nuts and F436 Structural Washers.ASTM A490 BOLTS,Types 1 & 3 Used in structural steel joints in heavy  construction 

when greater yield and tensile strengths than 

those of an A325 bolt are required. A Type 3 bolt is approximately twice as resistant to corrosion 

as a Type 1 bolt.

Structural Bolt2


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