Stainless Steel Bolts

Stainless Steel Bolts

Hexagon Bolts to DIN 931, commonly referred to as Hex Head Cap Screws, This partially threaded fastener has a hexagon shaped head that is usually fixed with a spanner or socket tool. The machine thread on the bolt means that it is suitable for use with either a nut or in a pre tapped hole. Hexagon Bolts are stocked in a variety of lengths in thread diameters from M3 to M64, with other non standard sizes available to order. We also supply UNC, UNF, BSW and BSF threads. Materials available include 5.6, 8.8 (grade 8 bolts), 10.9 and 12.9 steel self colour, zinc plated, zinc and yellow plated or galvanized. We also stock hexagon bolts in A2 and A4 stainless steel. Other materials are available to order.
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Product Details

See stock sizes below and we can also manufacture specials, including non standard thread diameters, lengths, pitches, plain portions, head diameters etc.

All specifications and technical drawings are for guidance purposes only. Sizes and materials not listed available to order.For quotes,queries or made to order requests, please call us or email us.

hexagon bolt drawing

Hex Bolt DIN931 Technical information





SK Minb(L<125mm)b Max(L>125mm)

b Max(L>200mm)

Available Length(mm)
M30.55.5212--5 TO 50
M40.772.814--6 TO 70
M50.883.51622-6 TO 100
M61.01041824-6 TO 200
M71.0114.82026-12 TO 60
M81.25135.32228-8 TO 300
M101.5176.426324510 TO 500
7.530364912 TO 600
M142.0228.834405316 TO 300
M162.0241038445716 TO 1000
M182.52711.542486125 TO 320
M202.53012.546526525 TO 1000
M222.5341450566940 TO 1000
M243.0361554607330 TO 1000
M273.0411760667940 TO 1000
M303.54618.766728540 TO 1500
M333.5502172789160 TO 1000
M364.05522.578849750 TO 1000
M394.060258490103110 TO 600
M424.56526909610970 TO 600
M454.5702896102115120 TO 600
M485.07530102108121140 TO 600
M525.08033-116129160 TO 600
M565.58535-124137160 TO 600
145160 TO 600


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