Heavy A193 Grade B7 Plain Hex Bolt

Heavy A193 Grade B7 Plain Hex Bolt is a high strength bolt, high temperature and high pressure resistance, standard A193 B7 fasteners are typically available in a plain, bare metal finish. can be zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized, Xylan coated.
Generally Heavy hex bolts are used for high pressure applications like structures, Bridges, Railways etc.
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Heavy A193 Grade B7 Plain Hex Bolt

1/2"-131/2"1 1/2"plain
5/8"-115/8"1 1/2"plain
5/8"-115/8"1 3/4"plain
5/8"-115/8"2 1/4"plain
5/8"-115/8"2 1/2"plain
5/8"-115/8"2 3/4"plain
5/8"-115/8"3 1/4"plain
5/8"-115/8"3 1/2"plain
5/8"-115/8"3 3/4"plain
5/8"-115/8"4 1/2"plain

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