Grade 5 Bolt

Wisine brand Grade 5 Bolt Socket hex bolts is made of high quality 304 316 2205 stainless steel material,which has the advantages of strength and offers good corrosion resistance in bad environment like high temperature, cold weather, and high humidity areas and the excellent of oxidation resistance.Socket Hex Bolt Stainless steel material corrosion resistant and reusable. Smooth surface: bolt hexagon in diameter and thickness of the surface is smooth, without burr. be used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, engineering, assembly,Use an wrench to drive the internal hex which has a hexagonal slot.
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Product Details

Product nameGrade 5 Bolt
SizeAccording to customer requirement
ColorGold, rainbow, black, green, burn blue,purple,silver ect.

DIN ,ISO,GB,SAME,JIS,Etc.(It can also be processed

 according to drawings or samples)

Surface Treatment

Polishing, Sandblasting,Combustion,Anodizing,PVD

 and/or Nitrogen


Aerospace, Jet Engines, Air Frames, Petroleum, Chemical

 Processing, Medical Treatment, Sport an other Industries

SpecificationAccording to customer’s actual sample/design file Tolerance:±0.01 - 0.05mm OEM and ODM available
Feature1. Low density and High Specification Strength
2. Excellent Corrosive Resistance
3. Good Resistance to effect of Heat
4. Nonmagnetic and non-toxic
5. Good thermal properties


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