Double End Studs Bolt

Wisine Fasteners & Metal has the capability to manufacture bolts & Nuts,special screws and special profile customized for your company.
Special tooling can be created to produce nonstandard dimensions or with your company’s name and/or logo.
Wisine brand is a leading manufacturer and distributor of double end studs which are threads of equal length and diameter on both ends. Double end studs are used for flange bolting with a nut at both ends.
We offer double ended studs in a variety of materials including stainless steel and exotic alloy materials.
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Product Details

Product nameDouble End Studs Bolt
MaterialStainless Steel and Alloy steel
ApplicationTrucking, Construction

bolts Double End Studs2

Double end studs bolt Product Information

1、Double End Studs are threaded fasteners that have a thread on both ends with an unthreaded portion in between the two threaded ends. Double ends studs are designed to be used where one of the threaded ends is installed in a tapped hole and a hex nut used on the other end to clamp a fixture onto the surface that the stud has been threaded into.

2、Double end studs bolt have equal length threads for each end to hold the nut, and each end has a chamfered or round point. These types of studs are used with applications where torching both ends is necessary.There are many industries that utilize double end threaded studs, such as material handling, trucking, construction, and much more!


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