Carriage Bolts Grade 5 Zinc Cr+3 Medium Carbon

Wisine Fasteners & Metal has the capability to manufacture bolts & Nuts,special screws and special profile customized for your company.
Carriage Bolts Grade 5 Zinc Cr+3 Medium Carbon Special tooling can be created to produce nonstandard dimensions or with your company’s name and/or logo.
Our company Supply specializes in various fasteners that span across electronic, transportation, construction,commercial and military industries.
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Product Details

We can produce both standard and custom profiles within the following size parameters.





Bolts Grade 5 Zinc Cr+3



1/4"-201/4"1/2"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"5/8"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"3/4"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"1"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"1 1/4"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"1 1/2"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"1 3/4"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"2"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"2 1/4"ZINC CR+3UNC
1/4"-201/4"2 1/2"ZINC CR+3UNC

carriage bolt2carriage-bolt-

Carriage Bolts Grade 5 Zinc Cr+3 Medium Carbon,They are commonly used on docks and on playground equipment or in cases where it may be difficult to reach the bolt head with a tool. The square shoulder on carriage bolts help to hold it in place while the nut is fastened.

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