ASTM Standard Fasteners Hexagonal Bolt

Wisine brand outer hex bolts is made of high quality 304 316 2205 stainless steel material,prevent rust and oxidation. corrosion resistance, high hardness, not easy to rust, stable and reliable, can also be used in wet water Deep thread, uniform tooth spacing, clear texture, rotation process is not easy to slip Good gloss, surface treatment gloss as new, excellent workmanship, durable.Stainless steel hex bolts are partially threaded and can be used with a nut or in a tapped hole.The bolts are tightened with a wrench, and are usually used with appropriate hex nuts and washers.Screws outer hex bolts is very sharp,clean and accurate.And the compact thread is not easy to out of shape and slid in the process of rolling.Fine appearance, stable structure, polishing without burr, hard and round, beautiful good quality.
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Product Detail


NameASTM Standard Fasteners Hexagonal Bolt
FeaturesChemical resistance
Dimensionally accurate
Corrosion resistance
Wear and tear resistant
SurfaceStainless steel standard and non-standard customised Fasteners, Bolt, threaded rod,nut, screws, washer,rivets,hook,chains,hose clamps,hinge,cotter pin,shaped pieces
Application1).Petroleum,Chemical enterprise, superheater of boiler, heat exchanger

2).High temperature resistant transmission fluid pipe in power station

3).Ship with pressure pipe

4).The exhaust purification devices

5).Construction and ornament
Payment TermT/T,L/C
Grade400 series
Delivery Time15-20 Days


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