Anchor Bolts

Wisine brand Anchor bolts are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. The connection can be made by a variety of different components: anchor bolts (also named fasteners), steel plates, or stiffeners. Anchor bolts transfer different types of load: tension forces and shear forces.A connection between structural elements can be represented by steel columns attached to a reinforced concrete foundation. A common case of a non-structural element attached to a structural one is the connection between a facade system and a reinforced concrete wall.
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Product Details

Product Description

1. Closed packaging of glass tube is convenient for visual inspection of tube quality. After the glass is crushed, it acts as fine aggregate.
2. Acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance and low temperature sensitivity.
3. No expansion and extrusion stress on the substrate, suitable for heavy load and various vibration loads.
4. The installation distance and margin are small.
5. Quick installation, fast curing, without affecting the construction progress.
6. Wide construction temperature range.



DIN: M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24,

 M30, or customer made.

Surface Treatment1)Electric Galvanized: WZP(White Zinc Plated) YZP(Yellow Zinc Plated)
2)Hot-Dip Galvanized(HDG)
3)Mechanical Galvanized
MaterialCarbon steel, Stainless steel 304 316 
MarkAccording to customer's requirement.
Application Area

1. It is suitable for fixing heavy loads on near 

margins and narrow members (columns, balconies, etc.).

2. Can be used in concrete

3. It is suitable for the following anchoring: steel 

reinforcement, metal components, trailers, machine 

substrates, road

guardrails, formwork fixing, soundproof wall footing 


street sign fixing, sleeper fixing, floor edge 

protection, heavy support beams, roof decoration 

Components, windows, safety nets, heavy lifts, floor 

support, construction support fixing, through 

transmission system, sleeper fixing, support and 

racking system fixing, anti-collision facilities, car 

trailers, pillars,chimneys, heavy billboards, heavy 

Soundproof walls, fixed heavy doors, fixed sets of 

equipment,fixed tower cranes, fixed pipes,heavy 

trailers, fixed rails, nail plate connections, heavy 

space partitions, shelves, awnings.

4. Suitable for fixing the base plate with small 

wheelbase and multiple anchor points.




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