A193 B16 Stud Bolts

Wisine Fasteners & Metal has the capability to manufacture bolts & Nuts,special screws and special profile customized for your company.
Special tooling can be created to produce nonstandard dimensions or with your company’s name and/or logo.
Grade B16 is a heat-treated chromium-molybdenum-vanadium (Cr-Mo-V) alloy steel with maximum tensile strength of 860 MPa, yield 725, and 35HRC hardness. ASTM A193 grade B16 is similar to grade B7 but the addition of vanadium enhances its strength holding capacity at high temperatures.
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1、Stud bolt for use in high temperature and high pressure applications in refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, power plants, and other industries. Added Vanadium allows for operating temperatures higher than that of B7 stud bolts.

2、The specification for ASTM A193 covers alloy and stainless steel bolting for pressure vessels, valves, flanges, and fittings for high temperature or high pressure service, or other special purpose applications. The ASTM A193 specification covers bars, bolts, screws, studs, stud bolts, and wire. The material may be further processed by centerless grinding or by cold drawing.


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