Heavy Duty Shell Anchor 4 Pcs Shells

Description The original shield anchors with extra expansion for low-quality concrete *Torque-controlled shield anchors for pre- and distance installations depending on the type. *4-way extra wide expansion for great performance also in lower quality base materials found in many old constructions. *Good tolerance for variation in drill hole size.
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Product Details


• Available Sizes: M6 to M16

• Special sizes can be ordered upon request

Technical Features

Properties: Anchor shield

Material: stainless steel A4

Suitable conditions: Dry indoor / Humid indoor, rural outdoor


• Steel structures

• Facade scaffolding

• Gates

• Facade systems

• Sun blinds

• Steel structures

• Pipe supports

.Gap fixing

.Connection assembling

.Floor assembling

.Application on metal, machines, scaffolds, facades and door constructions

Base Materials


• Non-cracked concrete

• Natural stone

• Perforated clay brick

• Solid clay brick


-Force-controlled anchor with internally thread without screw or bolt allow user specific applications

-Expansion corpus and cone made of steel

-Strong expansion in the depth of the drill hole

-Possible complete disassembling

-The fastener may only be set once


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