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Wisine brand sleeve anchor is made of high quality 304 316 2205 stainless steel material. These sleeve anchor are a quick,simple and adaptable masonry anchoring system.sleeve anchors are application on a range of materials and for applications exposed to seismic loads.Sleeve anchor can be used for light or heavy fastening,as well as a variety of base materials such as concrete,brick and block.Stainless steel sleeve anchors are more suitable for outdoor humid environment.Our anchor engineer can offer technical support on customer design,based your sample or drawing.If you need, Please feel free to contact me!
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Product Details


Product Detail

1.VERSATILE - Can be installed in a wide variety of masonry, solid concrete, brick or block.

2.360 DEGREE EXPANSION - Provides consistent holding values in a wide range of base materials.

3.PRE-ASSEMBLED - Ready to install no separate parts required.

4.ALL STEEL PARTS - Heavy duty for the most demanding jobs.

5.ANCHOR SIZE EQUALS HOLE SIZE - Easy to remember correct hole size for best results.

Specifications for this item

Brand NameWisine
Item Diameter5/16 inches
Length2 1/2 inches
MaterialCarbon Steel Zinc Plated
Maximum Shear Strength1770
Measurement SystemInch

Product description

The anchor is made from Carbon Steel, and is Zinc Plated. This anchor is designed for use in Concrete, Block, and Brick.

The anchor is designed for use in a Dry environment.

Head Style
The anchor is a Hex head and is designed to allow the head to sit on top of the surface of the item being attached.

Hole Diameter/Bit Diameter
The anchor requires a 5/16" hole to be drilled in the base material (Concrete, Block, and Brick). The hole should be drilled with carbide tipped bit that meets ANSI standards and used in a hammer drill.

Diameter of Anchor
The diameter of the anchor is 5/16".

Length Anchor
The length of the anchor is 2-1/2"

Minimum Embedment
The minimum anchor embedment into the concrete is 1". Therefore, the anchor must be installed so that a minimum of 1" of the anchor is embedded into the concrete.

Maximum Fixture Thickness
The maximum fixture thickness or the maximum thickness of the material being fastened for a anchor is 1-1/2". This will ensure that the minimum embedment of 1" will be met.

Fixture Hole Diameter
The hole in the fixture or material being fastened must be larger than the designated diameter of the anchor. The 5/16" diameter anchor requires the hole in the fixture to be 3/8".

Spacing between Anchors
Each anchor must be spaced a minimum distance of 3-1/8" from each other when measured center to center.

Edge Distance
It is very important not to install the anchor any closer than 1-9/16" from an unsupported edge of the concrete.

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