Plain A354 Grade 8 Heavy Hex Bolt

A354 Hexagonal head bolts are divided into two grades: ASTM A354 Grade BC, ASTM A354 Grade BD. Grade BD is commonly seen in pressure vessels and other industrial accessories, and has relatively strict requirements on hardness and tensile strength.
ASTM A354 covers the chemical and mechanical requirements of quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners 4” and under in diameter.
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Plain A354 Grade 8 Heavy Hex Bolt

The bolt performance of steel structure connection is divided into 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9 and other more than 10 grades. Among them, the bolts of grade 8.8 and above are made of low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel, and after heat treatment (quenching and tempering), they are generally referred to as high-strength bolts, while the rest are generally referred to as plain bolts.

●Drive Type: External Hex

●Finish: Plain

●Material: Steel

●Specification: ASTM A354

●System of Measurement: Inch

●Used in low pressure and low strength applications

●Designed for use with a nut or a threaded hole of the same diameter and thread size

●Nuts & washers not included


Hex head SizeA/F(mm)7810131719222430
Hex head Height(mm)2.83.545.
Thread Lenth≤125(mm)FULL1618222630343846
Thread Lenth≥125(mm)FULLFULL24283236404452

A354 Grades
BDHigher in strength than A354 grade BC and equal in strength to ASTM A490 bolts. The A354 BD specification has no restrictions on configuration. A354 BD should be considered for anchor bolts, threaded rods, other styles of headed bolts, and bolts larger than 1-1/2″ diameter where properties similar to A490 are needed. A354 grade BD does not require a magnetic particle test.
BCLower in strength than grade BD


◆Zinc Yellow

◆Zinc Cr+3

◆ Hot- Dip Galvanized

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