Phillips Pan Head Screw

Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws are screws with a machine thread for a tapped hole or to accept a nut. Pan head machine screws are sometimes referred as a stove bolt.
Pan head screws feature a rounded head style and are most commonly available with a slotted driver. They are best for small diameter fasteners and low torque applications.
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Product Details

Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Screw

Screw Length:70mm
Thread Pitch: 25
Drive Style: Phillips
Head Style: Flat Head
Grade: 18-8 (304) Stainless Steel
Head Type: Phillips Pan
Coarse / Fine Threads: Coarse

Partial / Full Threads: Full

Finish: Plain Finish(No Plating)

Standard: DIN, GB, ANSI, BSW, JIS, Customized


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