Nimonic 75 Screws

Nimonic 75 is a Nickel-Chromium alloy with good corrosion and heat resistance. Nimonic 75 is an 80/20 nickel-chromium alloy containing titanium and carbon as additives. Nimonic 75 are primarily composed of nickel and chromium.
Nimonic 75 fasteners have good mechanical properties and oxidation resistance at high temperatures to 1200°F (650°C). Comparable to Inconel 600, Nimonic 75 bolts are primarily used when oxidation and scaling resistance are required in high temperature conditions.
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Nimonic Alloys 75 Fasteners

hex head screwssocket-head-cap-screws2205 hex socket bolt
Hex Screws
Socket Cap Screws
Countersunk Screws

flange bolt904l nutcap nuts
Flange Head ScrewsFlange NutCap Nut

Nimonic 75 Fasteners Chemical Composition :

Nimonic 75Bal.19-22Max 1.0Max 0.015Max 0.2Max 0.150.15-0.35Max 0.12Max 0.70Max 0.80

Nimonic fasteners are is available both Nimonic 75 and 80A. We offer these a wide variety of screw styles, as well as other fastener products.


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