Duplex Steel Wedge Anchor Concrete Bolt

Wedge anchors are used with concrete, brick or stone and on applications that require higher pullout values. Wedge anchors are ideal for attaching vibration-prone heavy machinery, such as motors, generators and conveyors. Duplex steel wedge anchors also provide excellent corrosion protection.
Whether you are attaching a boat lift to a seawall or securing a safe to concrete in your garage,you can depend on bolt dropper wedge anchors to hold.
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Material: Duplex Steel

Diameter: 1/2"

Length: 7"

Type: Anchor Bolt

Head Style: Round

Size: M2 - M160 | 3 mm to 200 mm | Custom Sizes

WEDGE anchor

▲ Drill the hole, whose diameter equals the anchor diameter, perpendicular to the work surface. To assure full holding power, do not ream the hole or allow the drill to wobble.
▲Drill the hole deeper than the intended embedment, but not closer than two diameters to the opposite surface of the concrete.
▲A clean hole is necessary for proper performance. Clean the hole using a nylon brush and compressed air.
▲Assemble the nut and washer onto the anchor. Drive the anchor through the material to be fastened at the calculated embedment depth.
Tighten the nut, or head, 3 to 5 turns past the hand tight position.

sleeve anchor 3 adjustable flat head arm
Duplex Steel Sleeve AnchorDuplex Steel Flat Head Bolt

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