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Wisine brand has Monel alloy sheet plate,aluminum alloy plate,aluminum plate,aluminum sheet. Aluminum alloy sheet the trace elements are mainly magnesium and silicon, heat-treated corrosion-resistant alloy, good process ability and weld ability,medium strength.This aluminum plate use for solar reflective film,the appearance of the building,interior decorating,ceiling,walls furniture cabinets,elevator decoration,signs,nameplate,bags making,decorated inside and outside the car,household appliances,refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment etc.
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NIMONIC® alloy 105 (W. Nr. 2.4634) is a forged Ni-Co-Cr base alloy and strengthened by additions of Mo,AI & Ti.It can work up to 950°C. Alloy 105 combines the high strength of the age-hardening nickel-base alloys with good creep resistance. For critical applications the alloy is produced by vacuum melting and electroslag refining.The alloy is used for turbine blades, discs, forgings, ring sections, bolts and fasteners.

Alloy 105 has excellent heat resistant properties, high strength and oxidation resistance. The high creep-rupture properties of Alloy 105 makes the alloy perfect for critical gas turbine applications. Alloy 105 can be heat treated as followed; For optimum long term creep and ductility at 850-950°C: 4 hours at 1150°C, 16 hours at 1050-1065 °C and 16 hours at 850°C with air cooling after all heat treatment operations. Where tensile strength, elongation and impact stength are more critical at temperature up to 700°C: 4 hours at 1125°C and 16 hours at 850°C with air cooling after all heat treatment operations.

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