Inconel 718 Steel Plate

Wisine brand has Inconel 718 Steel Plate,aluminum alloy plate,aluminum plate,aluminum sheet. Aluminum alloy sheet the trace elements are mainly magnesium and silicon, heat-treated corrosion-resistant alloy, good process ability and weld ability,medium strength.This aluminum plate use for solar reflective film,the appearance of the building,interior decorating,ceiling,walls furniture cabinets,elevator decoration,signs,nameplate,bags making,decorated inside and outside the car,household appliances,refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment etc.
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Product Details

Inconel Alloy Plate/sheet 600 601 625 718 825

Nickel alloy UNS N07718 / W.Nr 2.4668  inconel 718 Plate

Inconel series: 600,601,617,625,718,825

Wire: 0.01-10mm

Strip: 0.05*5.0-5.0*250mm 

Bar: φ4-50mm;Length 2000-5000mm 

Pipe: φ6-273mm;δ1-30mm;Length 1000-8000mm

Sheet/ Plate: δ 0.8-36mm;Width 650-2000mm;Length 800-4500mm


Inconel Alloy 718 (UNS designation N06625) is a Ni-Cr based superalloy that possesses

high strength properties and resistance to elevated well as being able to

resist corrosion while being exposed to highly acidic environments makes it a fitting

choice for nuclear and marine applications.



3.ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for various products made


Inconel Nickel Alloy Plate/sheet 600 601 625 X-750 718 825


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