Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Wisine brand product cold rolled steel coil The cold rolled steel coil is the one made by cold rolled machine, and people call it as chill coils.
Practically, the steel coils which are made and processed by cold rolling are called cold rolled steel coils. The cold rolled steel coils are the materials of the galvanized steel coils. And then it is processed by the alkaline wash, anneal, galvanization and unknit. Sometimes, people call it as cold rolling galvanized steel coil.
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Product Details

Product nameCold Rolled Steel Coil
TechniqueHot rolled
TypeSteel Coil
ApplicationFlange Plate, Building and construction, transportation

steel coil4

Cold rolled steel Information

Cold rolled steel sheet and coil is commonly used for applications in which dimensional tolerances, strength and surface finish quality are critical. Applications that use cold rolled steel products include:

  • Metal Furniture

  • Automobile Components

  • Electronics Hardware

  • Home Appliances and Components

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Construction


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