350 Steel Round Bars

Wisine brand Maraging Alloy 350 Steel Round bars are usually machined in the annealed condition, however, they can be machined in the maraged condition. Components can be machined close to finished dimensions as the low temperature maraging treatment results in minimal distortion. In addition, Maraging Alloy 350 Steel Round bars the small contraction of approximately 0.05% due to maraging results in good dimensional stability. C 350 steel has good weld ability. 18 Ni Maraging Alloy 350 Steel Round bars are made of a carbon free iron-nickel blend of steel with hint of aluminum, titanium, cobalt, and Molybdenum. This composition of metals results in a very high strength, low weight metal often used in the aerospace industry.The 350 alloy is heavier and harder than its 300 and 350 counterpart alloys due to higher amounts of Cobalt and Titanium.
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                                       Chenmistry Information:350 Maraging  Steel
                                 Element                               Percentage
                                      AI                                      0.1
                                      B                                     0.113
                                      C                                     0.03 max
                                      Co                                      12
                                      Mn                                      0.1max
                                      Fe                                       63
                                      Mo                                       4.8
                                      Ni                                      18.5
                                      Si                                      0.1max
                                      P                                      0.01max
                                      S                                      0.01max
                                      Ti                                       1.4
                                      Zr                                      0.001

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Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you further on any technical topic Maraging Alloy 350 Steel Round bars. We believe this underlines our total commitment to quality and our ethos of being the complete service provider.

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