Tubular Height Angle Adjustment Handrail Bracket

Wisine brand tubular height adjustment angle adjustment handrail bracket Adjustable Height and Articulated Bracket for Round Tubing.Articulated and height-adjustable wall bracket for round handrails. Suitable for various diameters.This articulated bracket is ideal for adjusting the angle of the handrail.The adjustable height allows a better adjustment of the handrail.Movable wall plate for easy installation.Ideal for architectural projects such as staircases with round handrails.
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MaterialRecommended Location UsageHandrail Size
Stainless steel: 304Interior1 1/2 in*
Stainless steel: 304Interior1 21/32 in*
Stainless steel: 304Interior2 in*
Stainless steel: 316Interior / Exterior1 1/2 in*
Stainless steel: 316Interior / Exterior1 21/32 in*
Stainless steel: 316Interior / Exterior2 in*

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