Square Glass Clamp For Flat Surface

Item specifics type: Glass Clamp Bracket Holder Fast Fulfillment: YES Warranty: 1 year L size: 65*43*26 mm (H x L x T/D) for 10-12 mm glass S size: 53*33*20 mm (H x L x T/D) for 6-8 mm glass M size: 52*43*24 mm (H x L x T/D) for 8-10 mm glass Material: 304 Stainless Steel
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Product Details

*Strong material with stainless steel

*Rust-free with stainless steel material and chroming finish

*Looks elegance with satin polished finish

*Adjustable for its suitable glass thickness with its rubber layers and the micro-adjusting screw

Very easy to install:

1.Use a hexagon driver to loosen screws ( the screw driver is included in the package)

2.Insert the glass into the gap and tighten screws with the screw driver.

3.The micro-adjusting screw is optional for use to make the connection tighter.


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