Fixed Handrail Bracket With Flat Saddle

The material is stainless Steel 316/304/2205 Handrail Bracket,For use with flat metal or wood top rail.
The welded stainless steel elbow handrail brackets have 3 holes in the base and two holes in the plate. Ideal for attaching round or flat railings to walls. Simple to install with pop rivets and screws. Grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.
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Product Details

Fixed Handrail Bracket With Flat Saddle

Technical Specification

Recommended Location Usage: InteriorInterior / Exterior

Material: Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316

Adjustment: Fixed Position

Handrail Type: Flat Surface

Type of Mounting: Wall Mount

Height: 1 31/32 in*

Thread Type: M8

◆Suitable for wood or steel handrail,This bracket allows for greater space between the wall and handrail.

◆Grade 316 satin (brushed) finished Handrail Brackets are ideal for other outdoor environments. Grade 304 stainless steel Handrail Brackets are most suitable for indoor applications

flat saddle
These Handrail Brackets are supplied with saddles for 42.4mm handrail, 48.3mm handrail and flat bottomed handrail. They may also supplied without saddles to be welded directly to stainless steel hand railing.

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