The Difference Between Combination Screws And Ordinary Screws

- Jun 05, 2019-

The combination screw is actually a kind of screw, but it is a special one. Generally, it is a three-component or a two-piece assembly, but at least the combination of the two components can be called a combination screw. The most important difference from the ordinary screw is that it has a spring pad or more flat pad than the ordinary screw. It is either a triple assembly or a flat pad. This is the main difference between the appearance of a combination screw and a normal screw.

In addition to the obvious difference in appearance, the combination screw and the ordinary screw mainly have the difference between mechanical properties and use. The combination screw is a three-piece or two-piece assembly with a flat pad. Of course, it is a flat pad with a common screw. Match the flat pad and the flat pad will not fall off. Fastened into a combination. In terms of mechanical properties, the combination screw is a combination of three accessories. In terms of performance, it is definitely necessary to use three fasteners together. The mechanical properties of the combined screws are more secure. More convenient, the biggest advantage of the combination screw is that it can be convenient and quick to operate, and improve work efficiency.

The difference between the use of combination screws and ordinary screws is mainly in the wide range of applications. The use of common screws is more extensive than that of combination screws. Basically, industrial products use common screws and combination screws! It is useful for specific product materials. . When the screw needs to be used with a spring pad and a flat pad, the combination screw can be used at this time.