Stainless Steel Nut Use

- Jun 05, 2019-

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility and toughness over a wide temperature range, stainless steel is widely used in heavy industry, light industry, household goods industry and architectural decoration industries. . The powder of the plated metal is used to impact the surface of the nut, so that the plated metal forms a coating on the surface of the nut by cold welding to achieve a surface treatment effect. 

The mechanical plating of the nut is mainly suitable for spare parts such as screws, nuts and gaskets. Because the nut is in the open air high temperature or corrosive environment, some are rusted and bitten, some are damaged by the bump and the thread is damaged. It is very difficult to remove the nut. In the past, the common method was to cut the nut and the bolt together by gas cutting. However, in some special working conditions, it is sometimes forbidden to have fire (electric) welding operations, such as coal mines, coal powder in power plants, high-pressure high-temperature pipelines in oil pipelines, etc. It is even more helpless to replace the nut bolts. The hydraulic nut cutter can solve the disassembly of the bolt and nut easily, quickly, safely and efficiently. It does not move the fire, does not need electricity, and does not damage the bolt thread. Fast: It takes only 20 seconds to break a 90mm nut, completely eliminating the traditional gas cutting method, easy to operate and improve efficiency. Safety: Hydraulic operation.