Fastening Inspection Of Stainless Steel Bolts

- Jun 10, 2019-

Ordinary stainless steel bolting has no requirement for the tightening of the stainless steel bolts. Therefore, the fastening of the stainless steel bolts is based on the operator's feel and the shape control of the joint. Generally speaking, an operator uses an ordinary wrench to tighten on his own strength. The nut can be used to ensure that the connected contact surface can be closely attached without obvious gap. Although the fastening construction method has great differences, it can meet the connection requirements. In order to make the stainless steel bolts in the joints evenly, the tightening order of the stainless steel bolts should start from the middle and be symmetric to the two sides; the large joints should be double-screwed, that is, two fastening methods to ensure that the stainless steel bolts in the joint can be evenly affected. force.

Ordinary stainless steel bolted stainless steel bolts are relatively easy to inspect and are generally hammered. That is, use a 3 kg small hammer, one hand to support the stainless steel bolt (or nut) head, the other hand with a hammer to knock, the stainless steel bolt head (nut) is required to be not offset, not vibrating; not loose, the hammer sound is relatively simple. Otherwise, the stainless steel bolts are not fastened and need to be retightened.