Why do we need cladding?

- Feb 16, 2021-

The exterior cladding of any building may participate in many ways to support the building to withstand external/ atmospheric impacts, for example:

1. To protect against weather – heat (direct sun or indirect), cold, wind, rains, pollution, etc.
2. To provide thermal insulation to the exterior facade and maintaining internal heat load condition.

3. To provide an acoustic barrier against busy urban conditions outside the building.

What is marble cladding bracket?
Marble cladding bracket is the marble fixed in the wall of a stainless steel connection material. Now basically buildings and office buildings all use this technology

Innovative stone cladding systems that simply slot together have been developed to make stone cladding practical and cost effective. Stone cladding brings a level of detail and heritage with it that is truly unique.

bracketL anchor 3marble fixing system