Stainless Steel Threaded Rods

- Feb 16, 2021-

Threaded rod, also called threaded stud, is a relatively long rod made from solid metal and forged as a single unit. Designed for maximum strength and durability, threaded rods have diverse applications including railroad construction, water treatment, modular building, steel fabrication, pump manufacturing, agriculture, modular building, electrical and repair applications, etc.

Wisine,a professional manufacturer of threaded rods, offers quality products in wide ranges of materials and platings, from low carbon steel to stainless steel, with clear, yellow or black zinc platings. Custom orders are also acceptable.

Normally, threaded rods can be grouped into two categories: all threaded rod and double-end threaded rod.


1.All threaded rods
All threaded rods are also named as fully threaded rods for their threads extending along the complete length of the rod. They are ideal for general purpose fastening using with nuts, couplers, washers and drop in anchors, etc.
2.Double-end threaded rods

This rod is extremely similar to an all threaded one, except an unthreaded portion in the center of the rod. Normally, one end of the rod is intended for threading a nut and the other for being inserted into a threaded hole. Double-end threaded rods can be divided into two groups: full-bodied rods and undercut rods. A full-bodied rod has a smooth shank in the same size to the major diameter of the thread. While the shank of undercut rod equals to the pitch diameter of the screw thread as shown in the above pictures.


25Diameter: 1/4" to 12".

25Length: 3' to 12'.

25Material: low carbon steel or stainless steel 304, 316.

25Finish: clear, yellow, black zinc plating or galvanized.