Stainless Steel Blind Rivets

- Feb 14, 2021-

Oftentimes, when attaching metal or plastic objects to another, workers may encounter problems of having no access to the back of these objects. In such case, Shunfeng blind rivets are recommended as they can be installed form a single side of the object, at any angle or position. Whether you are designing aircraft, mechanical equipment, military appliances, trailers, electrical devices, HVAC system, ceiling, office furniture, lockers, marine watercraft or other facilities, Shunfeng always has an optimal solution for you.

Blind rivets are composed of a tubular body and a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end, through its center. They are inserted into a punched or pre-drilled hole, and fully set by pulling the mandrel to expand the rivet body and cause "blind" to the opposite side. Then the mandrel snaps at its break point, leaving the rivet body and mandrel's head encapsulated at the blind side.


A wide range of blind rivets is available including closed-end rivets and open-end rivet as shown in the following pictures.


3Material: soft aluminum alloy, carbon steel or stainless steel.

3Rivet type: open end rivet or closed end rivet.

3Finish: zinc plated (carbon steel) , Stainless Steel 304 316.

3Rivet diameter: 3/32" to 1/4".

3Rivet length: up to 1-1/4" or other customized length.