Self Drilling Screws

- Feb 15, 2021-

Building's longevity is a primary concern of designers, architects and owners. Thus, more sustainable components with longer life span, high structural integrity as well as aesthetic appearance are chosen. And we are proud to say our range of Wisine self-drilling screws in one of those.

Made from quality carbon or stainless steel, Wisine self-drilling screws feature sharp drilling points, which make the whole installation process including drilling, tapping and fastening into a simplified one. They are designed for use in soft steel, plastic, fiberglass, timber, fire resistant plywood and other material.



1.Precision-engineered body with durable sharp drilling point.

2.Quicker to pierce the base material without any buckling.

3.Provides high holding strength and shear strength.

4.Good thread engagement allows for high in-place value, not easy to be pulled out.

5.Lower hardness in load-bearing threads for ductility.

6.Allow for a more economical installation without pilot holes.

7.Labor time is shortened efficiently based on this simple installation.

8.Excellent resistant to embrittlement.

9.Excellent galvanic compatibility in dissimilar metal applications involving aluminum.

10.Stainless steel or zinc plated steel allows for maximum corrosion resistance.

11.Longer service life, even being used in exterior critical applications.