Material selection requirements for high-strength bolts

- Jun 15, 2019-

In addition to the different performances in the treatment process, the high-strength bolts with different raw materials have different retardation and fracture properties under high pressure conditions. First of all, the tensile strength of high-strength bolt raw materials has a great relationship with the quenching process. Generally, it is difficult to reach the raw material requirements of 10.9 high-strength bolts after 40-degree quenching treatment. If it is not strictly normal inspection, it can be quenched according to the product. After the surface hardness to determine the strength of its tensile strength.

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Secondly, the high-strength bolts of 40Cr quenching treatment are mainly used in the bolt ball node grid. The design strength is generally 390MPa (d>=30mm) or 430MPa (d<30mm). There is no high pre-use in use. Pulling pressure, if you want to add high pre-tension, you should also pay attention to understand and guarantee its delayed fracture performance. The quality of high-strength bolt products is key and it is necessary to do exactly as required.