Heat treatment of stainless steel screws

- Jun 10, 2019-

The heat treatment of stainless steel screws enables the fastener to achieve the required mechanical strength, good plasticity, toughness and low notch sensitivity, high bending strength, and avoid the occurrence of slack and other comprehensive mechanical properties and performance. Guarantee the quality and reliability of stainless steel screws and improve their market competitiveness.

The heat treatment process is characterized by varying the internal structure of the material to achieve the desired properties and qualities of the various fasteners, which typically do not change the shape of the material or fastener. Due to the quality characteristics of the products imparted by the heat treatment, often the intrinsic quality (such as the tensile strength, the area shrinkage, the elongation, etc.) of the product, in order to ensure the quality of the heat treatment, it is generally necessary to use the special equipment to the fasteners. Or with the furnace sample for testing, but due to the inspection sampling rate and inspection site restrictions, stainless steel screws for each specification fastener or even each heat of the fastener, the inspection is partial or individual It is difficult to achieve 100% inspection of heat treatment quality. Therefore, all test results do not fully reflect the heat treatment quality of the entire batch of fasteners or the entire fastener.