Glass balcony installation notice

- Feb 08, 2021-

Balcony railing base column installation points:

● Balcony guardrail glass must be used tempered glass or laminated glass

● Toughened glass thickness should not be less than 13 mm, glass shall not directly contact with rigid node, should be between liner elastic material

● When design USES on both sides of duct into the type glass railing, glass into the slot on both sides of the post should each have more than 3 mm clearance, clearance sealant filled with glass

● Glass duct into the notch is not less than 13 mm

round balustrade 2

Understanding newel posts:

The main function of the railing post is to hold the weight of the stairway or banister and give it its symmetrical shape and maintain its strength. Balusters fill in the gaps between newel posts, which further helps with the stairway strength

round balustrade

What parts of the building need safety glass

● The area of window glass is greater than 1.5m2 or the bottom edge of the glass is less than 500mm from the final decoration surface of French Windows;

● indoor partition, bathroom enclosure and screen;

● the railings of stairs, balconies and platform corridors and the barriers in the atrium;

Observation Windows and observation holes of aquariums and swimming pools;

● entrances and exits, foyers and other parts of public buildings;

● other parts that are vulnerable to impact and impact and cause injury to human body