Are glass pool fences safe?

- Feb 18, 2021-

Glass pool fencing is sophisticated, modern and provides a safe outdoor area around a plunge pool or spa area. It is strong, low maintenance and the best way to protect your family without hindering the view. Pool fencing prevents children and pets from accessing the pool area unsupervised, giving homeowners peace of mind. In addition to its beauty, tempered glass offers unique safety benefits that make it a superior pool safety fencing choice

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If you are wondering which type of glass will be suitable for your swimming pool glazing, then the answer is laminated glass. As the name suggests, it consists of three layers: two sheets of glass with a PVB (Polyvinyl butryl) layer sandwiched in between. This architectural glass is carefully crafted to be shatter-proof, and allows the swimming pool walls to handle a large amount of pressure.

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