Analysis of the current situation of stainless steel nuts market

- Jun 10, 2019-

Recently, the nut market is a bit confusing, and quality is the biggest problem.

The nut product is relatively small in size and relatively inexpensive, which has a relatively large relationship with the selected materials. Some fastener manufacturers choose raw materials with poor quality in order to compete with price, and the processing technology is also relatively backward.

For example, the internal thread of the nut is not produced according to the standard thread specifications. Cutting corners will inevitably lead to cost reduction, but the quality is not enough.

Many buyers choose ordinary metal nuts, and stainless steel is still relatively small, because stainless steel nuts cost more than ordinary nuts.

In fact, although stainless steel nuts are more expensive, stainless steel nuts are much more durable than ordinary nuts.

The current phenomenon of domestic small enterprises is that the material problem is not relevant, and the fastener industry itself has strong dependence on raw materials and high technical requirements, which makes the domestic enterprises face embarrassing situations.

Comprehensive market conditions, now the industry is relatively smooth, first, high-quality products, fine products; second, low-end products, take the public line.

In the current market situation, the nut manufacturers tend to be saturated in the domestic market, and it is also a good choice to focus on export.

However, the quality requirements of products exported to foreign countries are high, which puts high demands on quality, and product innovation and technology are more important.